The Created is the first novel of the series. There will be more from The Created Series to follow.


I will have no end, only endless beginnings I’ll never recall. . . . Seventeen-year-old Ariella Cole knows. She knows who she is now. Not from the Light or the Dark when the war started in Heaven. Ariella is a Shadow, a reincarnated soul that will live on Earth forever.

Attending Catholic high school with her best friend Nate Cris, when an encounter with a priest there turns dangerous, it triggers events that will change their lives, and perhaps their fates, forever. Thrown into the middle of an ageless war waged for the souls of men, Ariella comes to an awareness of who she really is, a Shadow. Yet when her true identity becomes her greatest fear, she must learn to accept it to be able to control her newfound powers, which may be the key to saving her friend’s life from the Demons who took him.

Aided by an Angel named Zack, and an infuriating Demon named Alessa. Ariella realizes the world isn’t as black and white as it always seemed. Racing against the ticking of the clock to save her friend from his demise, the choice made to save his life may come at the expense of other innocent lives. Can Ariella save the only boy she has ever loved? Can she save her own soul from an unending oblivion, and if she succeeds will she be able to live with her choice, forever?